One of my charges as Director of the Dance Presenting Series is to support the curricular work of the Dance Department; what our students are learning in the studios upstairs can be reinforced, stretched, and expanded by what they see in our theater.  I can think of few artists better suited for this initiative than d. Sabela grimes, who has many years of experience with deep innovation in hip hop and street dance forms.

I feel energized and intrigued by the fluid space grimes creates, how rigid gender notions are playfully teased apart, and the way the work feels unbound by time, skipping between a possible ancient past and an imagined future.  This “infinite field of potential”, as grimes calls it, is anchored in a womynist consciousness, or “wombniversal” consciousness, in a celebration of black expressivity. 

As this wombniversality works its ways on us, I hope you’ll be open to the unexpected, or the chance energetic encounter.  Skilled improvisers like grimes and his collaborators are especially alert to the energy in any given creative space and attuned to the people who are present.  I believe that together we’ll create a perfectly unique, unreplicable, fluidly here and flowingly now engagement.

                                                                                                –Ellen Chenoweth

d. Sabela grimes’ ELECTROGYNOUS was presented by the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago in October, 2019.

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