Hair & Other Stories uses hair as a lens for a number of investigations, such as how does our hair influence how we walk through life?

The company’s work quickly brings me to another question: how can we have an honest-to-god conversation about race in this fraught year of 2019 that gets us to new territory?  I think the theater and other art spaces can be some of the most generative, the most full of possibilities, particularly if we use tonight as a kind of campfire that we experience together, and then take the warmth into our own scattered spaces.

Because I’m interested in getting somewhere new, I’m also intrigued by the company’s approach to this work from their repertory. HairStories was created by Jawole Willa Jo Zollar and Elizabeth Herron in 2001. What does it do to the work to turn it over to the next generation for some reshaping for the current moment? With Samantha Speis and Chanon Judson leading the vision, I believe it will find new resonances and ongoing impact.

We’re honored to be the Chicago home of the Urban Bush Women, and we celebrate their return to the Dance Center.

–Ellen Chenoweth

Urban Bush Women’s Hair & Other Stories was presented at the Dance Center of Columbia College Chicago on February 28 – March 2, 2019.

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