I’m experimenting with writing program notes as invitations this season. I learned a bunch spending a week with Ephrat and her collaborators and seeing Odeon a few times, and I would write something pretty different now, but it’s a place to begin from or with, I think.


When I watch this work, I see relationships in the center. The relationship between Ephrat and her brother, Ehud, that animates the core. The relationship between dance and music. The relationships amongst dancers. The relationship between the body and the ground.

Odeon reminds me that all dance is social. One of Ephrat’s gifts is flinging this joy and vibrancy into the audience, as well as on the stage. When we watch a couple flirting with each other, we’re in on the seduction too. I was attracted to the joy radiating from this work. Visceral is a word prone to overuse in the dance world, but I think you’ll be able to feel Odeon in ways that you may not expect.

We are honored to host Ephrat and her collaborators in this thrilling exploration and celebration of street dance styles that can also be at home on a concert dance stage.

–Ellen Chenoweth

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