I love it when artists win big, prestigious awards. I feel like artists are under-appreciated in our culture, so it’s always nice when an artist gets recognized, especially if it comes with some money.

But I also love it when artists organize their own systems of rewards.  Pegeen is a beautiful example.  Pegeen was purchased by a couple of local artists on vacation in Portugal, and she is passed from artist to artist.  Each recipient decides how long they want to hold onto Pegeen before passing her along to someone whose artistic work they admire, and who they want to give a boost to.  Each person signs her before passing her on.  I was honored to receive her from my friend Gina Hoch-Stall, a choreographer, and then pass her on recently to my colleague and friend, multi-disciplinary artist John Hawthorne.

Now that I’ve passed her on, I’m reflecting back over the last few months, trying to assess if I really got a Pegeen Boost.  The last few months have been marked by continuity rather than change.  I’ve been racing around a little less and going home to make dinner a little more.  My roots have been going deeper in a way that feels novel.  You rarely get an award for staying in the same place, there’s nothing to announce on social media, but there’s something amazing about this deepening that I didn’t expect.  So yeah, I think her busty presence helped keep me rooted, and I’m grateful to the unofficial Pegeen Award originators and sustainers.  Long live Pegeen.  Long live artists creating their own systems and measures for success.

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